Call for papers 48th Wireless World Research Forum, Abu Dhabi, UAE November 7-9th 2022 Venue : W Abu Dhabi Yas Island
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However, there is still room for societal and technological improvements, especially for addressing the digital divide that continues to exist in the world. Tackling uneven global distribution and ensuring a better world requires super-connecting the already connected and connecting the unconnected, while guaranteeing an impressive quality of experience worldwide. Clearly, future wireless communication systems must effectively support a universal and ubiquitous cyber physical infrastructure.

The huge variety of intelligent applications envisaged for a wireless future will require a novel network structure, spectrum access schemes, and resource allocation solutions, while factoring in energy efficiency and security/privacy considerations. Thus, highly innovative wireless solutions with varied quality specifications when it comes to service requirements have become paramount in ensuring a greener world. Examples of some technological breakthroughs include intelligent surfaces, semantic communications, and digital twin technology, to name a few.

Call for Papers

Under the theme “Wireless Innovation for a Better World”, the 48th Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) will take place in Abu Dhabi, from November, 2022. You are invited to be part of designing the wireless future by joining us for three days of insightful discussions, presentations, innovative brainstorming, and expert-level networking.

Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts aligned with the theme of the event, on one or more of the following topics, or on any relevant aspect of wireless innovation for a better world:

  • Intelligent Applications for Vertical Industries

  • Software-Defined Infrastructure

  • Advanced Radio Technologies

  • Tactile Internet

  • Green Communications and Networking

  • THz Communications

  • Bridging the Digital Divide Beyond 5G

  • Beyond 5G Technologies

  • Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning

  • Wireless Innovation in Business Models

  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Networks

  • Privacy and Security

  • Connected Vehicles

  • Holographic MIMO & Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

  • Semantics Communications

  • Spectrum Issues and Regulatory Principles

  • Social Network-Aware Wireless

  • Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies

Why Attend WWRF 48?

WWRF is a unique forum which brings together the wireless community to tackle key research challenges. As an attendee, you will be able to: (i) define your future wireless strategies by leveraging the insights of industry leaders, (ii) ease future standardization by harmonizing research views at the research stage, (iii) identify new trends and ideas in wireless communications, and (iv) share insights on research directions and visions for the Wireless World.

The largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Abu Dhabi is the capital and sits on almost 87% of the combined territory of the UAE. With its vast and extensive coastline, Abu Dhabi is a luxurious metropolitan city that combines traditional hospitality and flair with the modernism of 21st century. The city features some of the world’s best cutting-edge and historic architecture making it a must-visit destination.

In following with the theme of this workshop, we especially encourage submissions which aim to broaden the discussion outside of traditional security challenges and approaches. Examples could include, but are not limited to:
  • Bio-inspired security solutions.
  • Visual/movement-based security solutions.
  • Security techniques based on multi-modal sensor fusion.
  • Underwater communications security.
  • Visual Light Communication (VLC)-based security.
  • Quantum-based security.
Well reasoned arguments or preliminary evaluations are sufficient for this workshop.
Submission Instructions

Contributors should submit an extended abstract by 31st August 2022 to for review. Extended abstracts should be at least two pages in length, either in plain ASCII text, MS Word or Adobe PDF. A template for abstracts or papers is available at Full papers must be prepared using the WWRF template, which is available below. The following list  shows the different working groups (WGs) and Vertical Industry Platforms (VIPs) to one of which the contributions should be directed:

Important Dates

ABSTRACT DEADLINE 15th September 2022
EARLY REGISTRATION 30th September 2022
EVENT 7th-9th November 2022

Copyright Licence

Please note that, by disclosing information to WWRF, it is deemed non-confidential, in accordance with Section 8 of the WWRF Articles of Association available here, and authors grant WWRF permission to use such information as described in the WWRF copyright licence.

Authors must complete and submit a copyright licence along with their full paper.

Contributions submitted without a completed and signed copyright licence cannot be presented and will not be published in the meeting proceedings or in WWRF’s other publications. Abstracts do not require a copyright licence.

Student Grants

Funding is available to support a number of students travelling to and presenting papers at the meeting. Application for student funding must be provided with paper submission. The level of grant will depend on available funds and the student's country of residence (up to €500 for students in Europe, and €800 for those resident elsewhere). Priority will be given to students from member organizations.